Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013 President's Distinguied Club Celebration

Today we parted from our standard meeting format to have a party.  We celebrated being a President's Distinguished Club.  This is a high honor that only a few clubs earn and yet we have earned it two years in a row! We earned this high honor by setting and achieving goals individually and as a club.  Our celebration included beautiful decorations, delicious food and a fun time focusing on Table Topics.

We had three categories for Table Topics today.  The categories were: Gestures, Creative and Vocal Variety.  Everyone was given a number 1 -3 when they entered the party.  Those who had #1 participated in gestures.  Those with #2 participated in creative and those with #3 did vocal variety.

Gestures turned into Charades.  No words were spoken, they just acted out the scenarios given and tried to get others to figure out what they were doing.  Barb earned the top spot in this category.

Those participating in the creative Table Topic were given the scenario of having to explain the human race to aliens.  Lynne received top honors in this category.  Having just 90 seconds to do this brought out humor and quizzical looks on many participants.

Those in the vocal variety were given the scenario of having to explain to their neighbor that unbeknownst to them, they didn't like their cat, they had just run over it.  Humor and compassion were what the participants focused on in this category.  Maria, one of our newest members received top accolades in this round.

Next week we will be back to our standard meeting format.  However I am sure you will find that all our meetings are entertaining and educational.  Please join us.




  1. This was a fun meeting where everyone got a chance to shine.

  2. I liked Svranthi's method of telling the neighbor about the dead cat: "Have you looked for your cat? Did you look in the tree? In the bushes? Under the wheel of my car?" Hysterical.

  3. So much laughter! Kathy even showed why she didn't like the snarling scratching cat. And who could guess how creative the group could be in telling the Extraterrestrials what humans are like?

    Thanks for the good minutes in this newsletter, Kate.