Friday, May 30, 2014

May 27, 2014 Theme: Summer Fun

Kate was our Toastmaster today.  She chose Summer Fun as the theme. She shared many of the fun and often free activities that happen around the Northwest in the Summer.  Kate passed out copies of the Seafair activities plus showed us how to get lists of free summer concerts and farmer's markets. Follow her lead and you are bound to have a fun filled summer.

Barb was our first speaker today.  She completed project #4 in the Humorously Speaking manual. The title of her talk was My New Hobby. Barb discussed the process she went through to find a new hobby. She wanted a hobby that would require shopping and be productive. She finally decided to make doilies. She learned of a woman who made a doily every time she felt like arguing with her husband. Barb thought she could make a fortune when she envisioned selling all the doilies she would need to make. Please note, this does not give Barb justice. Her presentation was hilarious and entertaining!

Linda was our second speaker.  She completed project #7 in the CC manual.  Linda talked about her favorite new exercise class called Zumba.  Linda explained that Zumba is not only fun, but also an efficient workout.  Zumba is described as a big dance party.  The benefits of Zumba include improved cardio and coordination. On average,Zumba classes. Zumba makes the world a better place because it improves peoples mood and helps them relax.

participants burn 369 calories per class. This makes it a great workout for weight loss. Twelve million people around the world have participated in

Welcome to our newest member Anna! She came as a guest and decided to join us. Whether you want to join our club or just visit, know that guests are always welcome.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 20, 2014 Theme: Signs

We had a great meeting today. Ash was our Toastmaster and she chose “signs” as the theme. She talked about many different signs and their meanings. Rock Paper Scissors is a game that uses nothing but signs. The acronym FAST indicates signs of a stroke. F: facial drooping, A: arm weakness S: speech difficulty, T: time to call 911 if you see the other signs. During Table Topics Ash challenged us to make up our own signs.

Kathy was our first speaker. She completed project three from the Technical Presentations manual.  The title of her speech was The Biology of Migraines.  Kathy shared statistics on how many people are affected, costs, and related problems caused by the migraines. She also discussed triggers, research and treatment. She concluded her presentation with a question and answer session.

Robert was our second speaker.  He completed project eight from the CC manual.  The title of his talk was Chindogu: Unuseless Inventions. Chindogu is a term started by a Japanese inventor in the 1980’s. For an invention to be a Chindogu it must have a purpose, be nearly useless, physically exist, and uselessness be self-evident. Robert used PowerPoint to show us several Chindogu examples. Some of them include: umbrella tie, noodle guard and eye drop funnel glasses.

Though we met in a different room today, everyone found us. We were especially pleased that Geetha joined us.  Please visit us next week.  Guests are always welcome.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 13, 2014 Theme: Birthdays

Today we celebrated our club's eleventh birthday.  On May 19, 2003 Jean Tracy founded Public Speaking Northwest. We celebrated with refreshments including cupcakes and birthday wishes. Jean was presented with a dozen roses..... one for each year of the club and one to grow on.

Alice was our first speaker. She gave her Icebreaker titled My Most Memorable English Experience. Alice spoke about how hard it was for her to learn English when she moved from Taiwan to the United States. It wasn't until she worked 18 hour days in Alaska that she finally became proficient. Alice learned that many blessings are hidden among challenges.

Ash was our second speaker. She completed project 7 from the CC manual. The title of her presentation was Solidarity in the 21st Century: Hashtag Activism. Ash gave us a detailed explanation of how Twitter/hashtags work. It is a conversational tool. It connects ordinary people with people in power.

Please excuse the brevity of/inconsistencies with today's blog. This blogger was joyfully distracted throughout the meeting with the most adorable guest to ever  attend our meeting! Our Toastmaster Barb brought her beautiful four month old granddaughter Jenny to the meeting. This blogger was privileged. to hold Jenny during the entire meeting.  Young or old guests are always welcome.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 6,2014 Theme: The Four Gentlemen: Flower Symbolism in Chinese Culture

Linda was our Toastmaster today. She chose Chinese flower symbolism as the theme.  The Plum blossom, Orchid, Chrysanthemum and Bamboo are known as the four gentlemen.  The Plum blossom represents winter transitioning into spring. The Orchid symbolizes beauty and grace.  The Chrysanthemum represents strength and bamboo symbolizes vitality and longevity.

Kate was our only speaker today. The title of her presentation was the Importance of Mentoring. This was from the Successful Club Series. Kate explained the mentoring program in detail. The mentoring program is designed so members can learn from each other and reach their goals faster.

Many members were out sick today, but it was still a powerful meeting. Join us next week as we complete our membership drive and celebrate our eleventh anniversary. Refreshments and fun will abound.  Guests are always welcome. Please join us.