Tuesday, November 14, 2017

PSNW Meeting minutes, November 7, 2017

Public Speaking Northwest, Club #9406
November 7, 2017
Theme: Listen!!
  11:45 Call Meeting to Order  Lynne
  Club Mission and Pledge of Allegiance  
  President:             Janelle              
  11:47 Welcome Guests - Chen, Cara.             
  Introduce Toastmaster  
  Toastmaster: Lynne  
  11:50 Introduce GATE Team                
  Grammarian - Vociferous Becky  
  Ah Counter Jung  
  Timer Hilary  
  General Evaluator Warren  
  Speaking Segment__________________________________________________________  
  11:55 Speaker #1,  "Do It" - best speaker Lucelly  
  CC Manual #1, The Ice Breaker (4-6 minutes)  
  12:05 Speaker #2,  "Raising a Joyful Family" Jean  
  CC Manual #3, Get to the Point  (5-7 minutes)  
  12:15 Speaker #3,Lessons I Have Learned as a Small Business Owner  Dan  
  CC Manual #9, Persuade with Power (5-7 minutes)  
  Timer’s Report, Cast Ballots  
  Table Topics Master Nancy  
  12:25 Table Topics - Uliana, Becky, Julie (best TT)  
  Timer’s Report, Cast Ballots  
  Evaluation Segment_________________________________________________________________  
  12:35 Evaluator #1      (2-3 minutes) Uliana  
  Evaluator #2      (2-3 minutes) Janelle  
  Evaluator #3      (2-3 minutes) best evaluator Jim  
  Timer’s Report, Cast Ballots  
  12:47 GATE Team Reports  
  Grammarian Becky  
  Ah Counter Jung  
  General Evaluator    ( 2-3 minutes) Warren  
  12:52 Humorist Robert  
  Return Meeting to President___________________________________________________  
  12:55 Present Awards/Announcements Janelle  
   Guest Comments  
     Announcements and/ or Closing Remarks - bring back USB to Robert!    
Also present: Barb, Robert, Mercedes, Randy.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

PSNW Meeting minutes, October 31, 2017

Public Speaking Northwest #9406       October 31, 2017
   Halloween Impromptu Party               
11:45  Call Meeting to Order                                                                  Lynne
                              Mission Statement and Flag Salute                           
          President:                                                                                    Janell
                    Introduce Toastmaster
                    Welcome Guests: Sandy, Chang
                    Induction Ceremony                                                                     

11: 55 Toastmaster:                                                                                Jim

                    Fill Plates
                    Timer         _________________________                          Nancy

12:10            Speaker     _________________________                          Warren

12:20            Table Topics _______________________                           Jean

12:40            Evaluator ­­­__________________________                          Tobias

Return Meeting to President                                                                  Janell

12:50            Present Awards
                    Guest Comments
                    Closing Remarks and/or Business

Socialize! Eat!

Also present: Lynne, Jane, Jerry, Robert, Uliana, Jung.