Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10/1/2013 Theme: Autumn

Barb was our Toastmaster today.  She chose Autumn as the theme. Barb talked about how Autumn is celebrated around the world. For many it's a time to celebrate the harvest, the transition time from Summer to Winter. However in places like Russia, it is a challenging time, a time to mourn. Barb gave us new insights to this time of year.

Ash was our first speaker today.  She gave her " Ice Breaker" speech #1 in the CC Manual. Her tittle was Free Fall. Ash told us how she celebrated her 30th birthday by "Free Falling" from an aeroplane. She had three jumps to complete. The first 2 jumps were tandem where she jumped with her instructor who took control of everything.  She enjoyed the beauty and serenity. The 3rd jump was frightening because she went alone and had to trust herself.  Through this incredible experience, Ash learned some valuable lessons. Ash learned to trust herself, trust the Universe and trust God. Ash learned that she could accomplish anything if she took things one step at a time. Today Ash took a great first step to becoming a " Competent Communicator."

Our second speaker was Kimberly. She completed project #2 in the CC Manual. The tittle of her talk was Stress Management. Kimberly is a professional stress management coach. A little stress is useful, it keeps us focused and competitive. However too much stress causes life threatening illnesses. There are five different types of stress: 1 Physical 2. Emotional 3. Chemical 4. Environmental at work
5. Environmental at home. Kimberly taught us how to recognize and manage the different stresses in our lives. Kimberly's expertise is bound to be a stress reliever for many of us.

A fun way to relieve stress is to have a party. Join us next week to relieve a little stress as we celebrate our Distinguished Club honor. It will be a festive occasion for all.


  1. Great summary, Kate! Ash's speech was very exciting & inspirational. I learned a LOT from Kimberly's speech. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the party next week!

  2. It's so rewarding to see our members like Ash and Kimberly grow. We grow too by modeling their skills and learning from their words. What a super meeting! Thanks for these minutes, Kate.


  3. I enjoy the meeting and love the minutes. Thank you, Kate!