Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10/22/2013 Theme; Harvest

Excuse the brevity of the minutes.  The secretary is fighting a headache.

Great meeting today. Barb was our Toastmaster. Our theme was Harvest.   Farmers work all year tending their crops and then reaping their harvest. Toastmasters work diligently developing their leadership skills and share their bounty/harvest with the club and beyond.

Juliet was our 1st speaker.  She spoke about authenticity. Don't puff up to make to make yourself known or shrink to hide. Just stand your sacred ground to be your authentic self.

Karen was our 2nd speaker. She gave an impromptu humorous talk about grocery shopping with her siblings and mother when she was a child. We all look forward to more of Karen's stories.

Jean, our president, gave us a brief lesson on how to add humor to our presentations. Simply start with a funny antidote, make it connect to your message and refer to it in your conclusion. Humor will enrich your presentation by connecting with your audience.

Linda and Sophia were our guests today. We hope you will be joining us next week.  Guests are always welcome because they add bounty to our harvest.


  1. Great meeting. One of our guests, Sofia, decided to join our group! Welcome, Sofia. Thanks for the good notes, Kate.

  2. Your minutes and pictures captured the spirit of this fun meeting, Kate. You are such a superb toastmaster.

  3. It was a fun meeting. I learned some valuable things from Juliet's speech and was entertained by Karen's spontaneous talk. Our meetings are fun because we always learn new and interesting things. Thanks for the great summary, Kate. And welcome to our new member, Sophia!!