Tuesday, October 29, 2013

10/29/2013 Halloween Celebration

Today we vered away slightly from our standard meeting format to have a little Halloween party. Our meeting space was decorated and treats  were shared.  Kate was our Toastmaster and she shared some Halloween trivia.  Celtics used Halloween as a time to celebrate harvest. Around 1000 A.D. the church designated November 1st as All Souls day.  In England the poor would visit the wealthy and recieve pastries called soul cakes in exchange for a promise to pray for the souls of dead relatives.

Ash was our only speaker today.  She presented her second talk from the CC manual.  The title of her speech was "Growing Up Isn't Easy".  Ash spoke of how the movie The Worst Witch impacted her life at ages 9, 19, and 29.  Ash learned that any obstacle could be overcome when you are able to trust family, friends and yourself.

After Ash's talk, the rest of the meeting focused on Table Topics.  Kathy was our Topic Master.  Kathy started a little story about how she visited the house where her mother was raised as a child.  Kathy then had the rest of complete the story.  Each of us had 45 seconds to add to the story before it was passed to the next person


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  2. Thanks for the blog Kate!

  3. Kate, you made the party festive as toastmaster and chief decorator.

    I loved Ash's talk. She used 3 personal stories and the movie, The Worst Witch. Each story had a moral. She both entertained and taught us from her life experiences.

    Kathy began our table topics session with a story starter. It's amazing how our imaginations work. Robert made us laugh about his can of chili. What a fun meeting!

  4. I enjoyed Ash's speech and the Table Topics story was fun...we have a funny and imaginative group.