Friday, August 1, 2014

July 29th, 2014 Theme: Ice

Barb was our toastmaster today. She picked "Ice" as the theme and compared winter ice, ice skating, and breaking the ice to our toastmaster term “The Ice Breaker". It is the first speech new toastmasters give in the Competent Communication Manual. We see it as a sign of accomplishment when a new member ‘breaks the ice’ by giving their “Ice Breaker.”

Sue was our first speaker. She accomplished her 1st project, “The Ice Breaker” which was to introduce herself to our club members. She shared stories of when she was 16 and made us laugh about her "adventure" of raising 36 chickens and getting a puppy with the money she earned. 

Robert was our second speaker. He finished his #2 speech in the Advanced Interpretive Reading Manual. His goal was to convey the emotions of 2 poems by recognizing their rhyme, cadence and rhythm. Robert used humor as he read about a strange case involving a family tree.

Today we had three guests join us and two of them were family members of our club members. We were very happy to see our club member, Linda, bring her dad who came to visit her from China. Our second guest was Alice’s son, Ivan. Our third guest, Linda, believes Toastmasters is a great place to improve her English. We hope she will become part of our toastmaster family.


  1. Linda, you captured the meeting so well. Thank you for being such a fine secretary for our minutes and blog.

  2. Wonderful summary of the meeting! Ivan is now an honorary member of our club. I will even make a name tag for him.