Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 5th, 2014 Theme: Summer Strolls- The HooDoos

Jean was our toastmaster today. She picked "Summer Strolls along the HooDoos" as her theme. She told us the formation of Bryce Canyon, according to scientists, is based on centuries of erosion.  According to an Indian legend, the god, Coyote, froze the selfish people into the tall circular rocks known as the "HooDoos."

Kathy was our first speaker. She finished her #4 speech in the Technical Advanced Manual. Her topic was about chemostat production of ALD403, which is very technical to her field of study. She pretended the audience was her coworkers and did a fine job reporting her result on chemostat research. 

Linda was our second speaker; she also brought her cousin Jinhao as our guest. Last week they went to Wild Waves Amusement Park and rode on the roller coaster. This gave her the idea for her speech describing how different the roller coaster is in China where Linda came from. She also spoke about the roller coaster as a metaphor for life with its ups and downs.

Like the word of the day, we hope everyone has a good time enjoying the green and freshness of these summer days.


  1. You captured the content and spirit of the meeting so well, Linda. Thank you for bringing us this blog each week.