Thursday, August 21, 2014

August 19th, 2014 Theme: Health Tips

Linda was our toastmaster today. She picked the theme "Health Tips.” Linda had observed her friends' different life styles as they returned to school from their different countries. This made her look into some helpful ways for improving people's health with both food and lifestyle tips. 

Barb was our first speaker. She did the 1st Project from the Advanced Manual "Interpretive Reading" and her title was "The Cat That Walked by Himself". The story was from the book The Just So Stories written by Rudyard Kipling. Barb used great vocal variety to closely draw our attention to the wild cat who walked by himself.

Jean was our second speaker. She finished the 4th Project from the Competent Communication Manual by sharing how to use the Competent Leadership Manual. Jean showed us how our duty roster, our gold star chart, and our Competent Leadership Manual work together. Her goal was to help us get leadership credits for each of our weekly roles.

Jerry was our third speaker. He finished his 9th speech from the Competent Communication Manual. Through his power point demonstration, Jerry showed us different categories of fire and what type of extinguishers we need to put them out. He noted that the fire extinguisher outside our room at the Seattle Times Building is a universal extinguisher and can put out any type of fire.

We had one guest, Grace, who was invited by Alice. She enjoyed our meeting very much and decided to join our club. So let’s welcome Grace for being part of our toastmaster family! 

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  1. Linda you did a fine job as Toastmaster for this meeting and a super job as secretary in writing these blog/minutes. Thank you for being such an active and important member.