Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Public Speaking Northwest Where Speakers and Leaders Are Made 

Presentation Quote:

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause. ~ Mark Twain

Our toastmaster meeting included greetings from Prema our Sgt. at Arms, our President, Barbara, and our Toastmaster of the Day, Ken.

Our guest, Jerry Hughes, chose to become a member by the end of the meeting. Welcome Jerry!

Jan Zhao gave a stunning presentation on the Chinese New Year. She spoke of a Variety TV Show which her family watched when she was a little girl in China. On the eve of the New Year her family turned on their TV and  then took turns to hold the antenna up because of poor reception. Her mother said, "Looks like we should hang a piece of meat on it!" Jan ended her presentation with a poem that touched her heart because it reminded her of what the Chinese New Year reallys means. Beautifully done, Jan!

Jean gave an impromptu speech entitled, "Help! I'm Not Funny!" She showed how a humorous story told in the beginning can lead into a presentation with a point from the story. Jean included the audience by asking, "What point from the story I just told can you weave into a speech you might give?" Many members shared their ideas. They realized you don't have to be a comedian to catch the audience's attention right from the beginning and delight them too.

Emery evaluated Jan's talk and Pierce evaluated Jean's.

Prema got us thinking with her impromtu table topics question: What significant challenge in your life did you learn and grow from?

Blue ribbons went to Jan, Emery, and our new member, Jerry.

Our next meeting on February 7th will welcome our Area Governor, Lesley Hobbs, who will present on being a Distinguished Club. Guests are always welcome!

One more thing, don't forget ~


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

12 Noon to 1:00 PM

Seattle Times Building in Bothell

19200 120th Avenue N.E.

Bothell, WA 98011

Tasty Snacks Provided!

With warm wishes to all,

Jean Tracy, DTM


  1. Lesley Hobbs, our Area Governor, will speak next week, February 7th, on being a Distinguished Club. Guest are always welcome!

  2. Emery Jordan received a standing ovation for his tireless work on developing our website! 3 Cheer for Emery!

  3. I;m looking forward to Ms. Hobbs' perspective on why its important for a club to achieve the DCP. I believe it will help us towards our goals.

  4. The meeting on February 7 was very exciting! Our theme was success, and the meeting moved along smoothly in the capable hands of our Toastmaster for the day, Ken Knuckey. We had the privilege of hearing the first speech of our new member, Jerry Hughes, explaining how his grandfather inspired him with the motto, "Nothing in life worth doing is easy." Jerry brought his football and fireman's helmets as props, which added so much to his presentation. Leslie Hobbs, our Area Governor spoke about how Toastmasters gives us a system for success, so that we can each achieve our individual goals, and how the Distinguished Club Program is an integral part of our personal success. Leslie spoke about how new members add seasoning and vigor to our club, and encouraged us to bring Guests. We were inspired by Leslie's polished, energetic speaking skills and by Jerry's courage. Best Speaker was Jerry, Best Evaluator was Emery (who always gives a helpful evaluation), and Best Table Topics speaker was Barb Katz.

    Our meeting tomorrow should be very exciting, with good speakers, comaraderie, and snacks!