Thursday, February 23, 2012

Public Speaking Northwest Honors Champions

Public Speaking Is Fun with Friends like Prema, Ken, Emery, Jan,. and Jean at Your Side.

News Alert!
Today our champion evaluator, Ken Knuckey, received his engraved trophy for winning our club’s evaluation contest.

Public Speaking Quote for today:
“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot.” –D.H. Lawrence

These words glowed throughout the speech of Toastmaster’s International Champion, Ian Humphrey. His hot title, “It’s not about the Knockdown,” stirred our interest. 

Ian Humphrey used Muhammad Ali’s knockdown as a metaphor for his own life. The GLOW shone throughout with his:

Gestures – Ian pointed to the floor for Ali’s countdown. He smiled as he mimicked Ali’s words about being pretty. He smacked his head for the headache Ali’s opponent felt when he fell to the canvas after Ali gave his famous punch. Ian's grand use of gestures throughout his talk showed us exactly what he meant.

Language – Ian used simple straightforward language that was clear, clean, and clever. Every sentence said exactly what he meant without an ah, um, or unnecessary word.

Organization – Ian opened dramatically with Muhammad’s knockdown, rising from the canvas, and winning. Then Ian shared how he almost died as boy, was taken from his mother, got into drugs, prison, and then cleaned up his life. Like Muhammad Ali, he rose from the canvas. Now Ian Humphrey is a world champion in public speaking!

Wow! – Ian Humphrey wowed us throughout his speech. He wowed us in his call to action at the end, telling us to repeat to ourselves “I believe in you.” Why? Because only Muhammad Ali knew he wasn’t out for the count. Only Muhammad Ali knew he would rise from the canvas. Ian Humphrey told us to, “Fight and you too can win because life is what you do after the knockdown. This is what defines you.”

Each member evaluated Ian’s speech sharing their positive ideas, struggling to offer a suggestions, and telling what they learned about this amazing man.

Jean won best evaluator. 

Emery, as table topic master, told the members to pick a number for their question. Everyone qualified for the ribbon.

Prema won as best table topic speaker.

Next week Emery with be our Toastmaster.

We welcome guests!

Come on Tuesdays from Noon to 1:00 PM.
Seattle Times Building in Bothell
19200 120th Avenue NE
Bothell, WA 98011 

Bring your lunch!

For more information contact Emery Jordan

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Tracy, DTM


  1. Great job on the blog jean. I liked again the use of GLOW to evaluate the contest speech. Thjis is hot stuff!!


  2. I'm so sorry that I missed the meeting, but I'll tell you all about my adventures at Microsoft in my next speech. What a great idea to practice evaluations!

  3. Thanks Emery and Barb. As always, our meetings are packed with learning and laughter.


  4. What an awesome group! Looking forward to getting back to you after tax season is over.


  5. Fantastic Speaker...learned alot by watching and listening! Our resident DTM Jean Tracy demonstrated a method of evaluating future speeches. She used the acroynm G-L-O-W to guide her through the evaluation process and concluded with the "WOW" factor. Thanks Jean...that was inspired and inspirational.