Saturday, February 4, 2012

Public Speaking Northwest Presents Officers' Meeting!

Public Speaking Northwest Presents ~

Public Speaking Quote:
"Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel." Ralph Waldo Emerson

To further our members' speech presentation skills, President Barbara Katz welcomed Ken Knuckey, VP of Education, Emery Jordan, VP of Public Relations, Pierce Loftin, VP of Membership, Prema D'sa, Sergeant at  Arms, and Jean Tracy, Secretary to our officers' meeting on January 31st.

Emery Jordan laid out plans to expand our public relations. His plans included:

. Contacting nearby employers to invite them to send employees to increase their public speaking skills. This will enhance their businesses.

. Posting flyers of our special events at our city hall, chamber of commerce, nearby colleges, Starbucks, QFC's, and Safeways

. Sending press releases to nearby newspapers like the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter regarding our special events

. Pitching to Career Days with talks and brochures

. Looking into the QC graphic scanner for our promotion materials, website, and blog

. Sharing the above tasks with our officer team

Pierce Offered to Design Our Open House Flyer and send it to Emery.

Ken Emphasized Promoting Interview Skills with Our Impromptu Table Topics.

   He shared this Table Topics example:
       "Give me your 5 best qualities and how they'll benefit our company."

   Ken will increase member recognition for their many achievements.

Barbara Will Send Emails to Guests

Jean Will Write Blogs and Encourage Members to Sign Up and Promote the Blog to Our Social Media Sites.

Prema Will Set Up the Room and Welcome Guests with Her Warm Style.

Looks like our officer team is eager to show that Public Speaking Northwest is the place where speakers and leaders are made.

Jean Tracy, DTM

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