Monday, October 6, 2014

Sept. 30th Theme: Flower

Today Pauline was our toastmaster ­and she picked "Flower" as the theme. She told us the meaning of different flowers, for example, white roses stand for reverence and perfection and yellow roses mean friendship and welcome, etc. 

Jean was our first speaker. She completed her 7th talk from the Competent Communication Manual. As Vice President of Education, Jean created a group discussion describing the Toastmaster’s role.

Every meeting is led by a toastmaster who has specific duties for running an efficient and fun meeting. Jean also shared a famous quote from Theodore Roosevelt and encouraged us to overcome our hesitance and worry by stepping into the Toastmaster Role.

She also shared that there are currently 314,000 toastmasters around the world. This means many people are stepping out of their fears and thriving at as the toastmaster of their meetings. 

Alice was the second speaker. She accomplished the 3rd speech from the Competent Communication Manual. Her topic was "Dare to Dream". Alice shared stories about people who have created successful companies and earned great wealth. They are using their money to help the public. Some examples include giving millions of dollars for public education, driverless cars, and high-speed transportation systems.

We had one guest, Nestor Makora. She commented that we were a well-organized club where everyone took on roles with ease while developing important skills. We appreciate her attendance and hope to see her in the future!


  1. I found Alice's talk fascinating and liked knowing how wonderful and generous wealthy people can be. Many make outstanding contributions to our society and the world.

    Pauline did a fine job stepping into the Toastmaster Role.