Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oct. 7th Theme: Water

Linda was our toastmaster today. She chose "water" as the theme. From her research Linda shared the facts that water is an essential element of our body and a major constituent of the earth. Despite the fact that water is plentiful on our planet, clean drinkable water is remarkably scarce. Many people are suffering from clean water deficiency due to pollution and waste. 

Barb was our first speaker. She spoke about a new leadership project she is working on. Her title was "Sharing Your Vision". Barb compared leadership in toastmasters to helping a baby learn to walk. As our area governor, Barb used her role to successfully run our Area Contest last month. This month her goal is to find 14 volunteers to help out at the District Contest.

Jim was our second speaker. He completed his forth talk from the Competent Communication Manual. His title was "Take Back Your Mind.” Jim realized his friend, Bill, was suffering from frustrations in life. Jim knew from his own research in psychology and neuro-psychology that people are always thinking but are unaware of all the thinking that goes on in their heads. He told how Bill learned to focus on the present. Jim then showed us how to direct our attention to the present moment through breathing and observing, which he referred to as mindfulness. 

We had one guest, Jewel, She was looking for a place to practice her public speaking and to build up her confidence. She decided to join us after the meeting. We are very happy to have her and to help her achieve her goals!


  1. Well summarized, Linda! You do a terrific job with our blog/minutes. Your information about water and the picture at the end looked great.

    Thanks for being our toastmaster of the day too. Your leadership skills keep growing.