Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014 Theme: Puzzles

Barb was our Toastmaster today. She picked puzzles as the theme. We had a full round of people attended the meeting and especially welcome 3 guests. Telly, Lynne were first time here and they found our club very friendly and persistent on time. Also Carrie, who came back the second time, officially joined our club. We look forward to their coming visit and growth at our club :)

Robert was our first speaker today. He has moved on to the advanced competence manual and brought us a really interesting book as he was to make the story alive through his speech. He showed us the adventure that the author Bill Bryson had in Australia and we could feel the peculiar experience and dangerous events the author had through Robert's interpretation.

Jean was our second speaker. Her goal was to show us the steps to effective public speaking. She used the quote from Lao Tsu "a long journey begins with a simple step"to start her speech and she did a good job demonstrating what and how simple the steps are.

Today we also had very fun table topics from Sue that we saw some antiques that no one hardly figured. Life sometimes is full of puzzles or perplexing things, at today's meeting, we learned to laugh about it and move on to a new chapter. Hope more people can come and feel this energy!


  1. Sounds like I missed a great meeting! I enjoyed reading the blog. Thank you Linda for taking over the secretary role.

  2. Linda, with English as your second language, I'm pleased at how well you captured the meeting. You are amazing.

  3. Well done, Linda! You wrote a fantastic and vivid blog!

  4. Wonderful job, Linda! I'm so glad that you are in our club.

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I really enjoy this process of capturing the best moments of our meeting :)