Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014 Theme: Picnics

Jean was our Toastmaster today.  She chose picnics as the theme. Picnics are a great summer pasttime. Jean shared fond memories about her father and picnics. Jean even shared watermelon and cookies; her favorite picnic treats with us.

Anna was our first speaker today. She completed her Icebreaker. Anna shared with us the passion she has for her job with the IRS and her professional goals. Anna presented her talk without notes and had great poise. Well done Anna!

Robert completed his tenth speech in the CC manual! The title of his speech was Humorously Speaking. Robert explained the many benefits of humor that go way beyond entertainment. Belly laughs reduce stress and help with physical ailments. To prove his point Robert had all of us participating in laughing exercises. Robert taught us that though humor is funny, it seriously improves our physical and mental well being.

Today was especially exciting because with our new members we now qualify for President's Distinguished Club honors. Honors or not, our club is a place where everyone is welcomed and valued. Please join us.


  1. Thanks for the great notes, Kate! I was so impressed with Anna's speech. Her pacing was right on! We're looking forward to hearing more speeches from her. I also want to welcome our three new members today: Carrie, Jim, and Pat.

  2. What a super meeting!

    We will start a new year with Toastmasters International, July 1st. Barb, Lynne and I will be posting our member awards on the International website before that date.

    The awards each of our members received have pushed our club to the highest level, Presidents Distinguished. What a terrific club filled with quality members! I'm so pleased. Come join us.

  3. Thanks for the update