Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Public Speaking Northwest Supports the Leadership Words of Lao Tzu

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” -  Lao Tzu

Toastmaster Jan
Our toastmaster club achieves this by everyone contributing with their speeches and by fulfilling leadership roles. This week Jan S. took over the toastmaster role to smoothly guide us through the meeting.

President, Barb
President Barb opened the meeting with Ken, Jan, Kate, Kyle, Yanhong, Sam, Tom, Barbara, Jean, new members Kathy and Abe, and guest Joanne.

Kyle volunteered to be grammarian with the word ‘Poll’ in honor of Election Day.


Lynne acted as timer and kept every part of the meeting on time.

Kate, our first speaker, entitled her talk, Gifts from the Heart. Wearing a beautiful Christmas sweater, Kate gave stories and examples how her family of 6 grown children creates treasured items like special recipes, a gorgeous handmade cook book, a Build a Bear with a voice box offering good wishes, and a Christmas book recorded by Grandpa. She showed how we too can create gifts from the heart.


Barb evaluated Kate’s talk with praise for her excellent use of toastmaster strategies, her use of space, stories, and props.


Our second speaker wasn’t able to attend. Ken immediately volunteered to give a talk. We advise members to have a “talk in their pocket” and ready to give at a moment’s notice. Ken did just that.

Ken entitled his talk, Men Are Like Waffles. Women Are Like Spaghetti.  Ken used humor as he told stories about his marriage. He used the terms waffles and spaghetti throughout his speech. At the end he showed us the book with the same title as his talk.


Jean evaluated his presentation with the acronym, GLOVE. Ken used great gestures, fine language with his metaphors, excellent organization, vocal variety, and super eye contact.

Barbara, our Table Topics Master, kept her questions focused on Election Day. She gave fake ballots to Sam and Kyle. They had to come up with comments about the ballots and were quite humorous.



Ken, as General Evaluator, used his time to alert us to pages in our Communication Manual that discusses our roles. Is Ken dramatic or what?

Our Blue Ribbon Winners!

Best Speaker ~ Kate
Best Table Topics ~ Kyle
Best Evaluator ~ Jean

News You Can Use!
 *****Today's photographer was Kyle. Thank you Kyle! 

Photo of the Day! 
Our Guest,  Joanne
News You Can Use!

Our District 2 Fall Conference will be this Saturday, November 10th at the Lynnwood Convention Center. District Conferences are exciting, fun, and educational. Sign up at:

If you'd like to join us for polishing your presentations, developing leadership skills, and making friends, we welcome you.

 We meet every Tuesday from noon to 1:00 PM. You'll find us at the Seattle Times Building in Bothell, Washington ~ 19200 120th Avenue NE. Feel free to bring your lunch.

To find out more contact: Jean Tracy at  or 425.745.0022

Respectfully submitted,


Jean Tracy, DTM



  1. We accomplish together what we cannot accomplish alone. That is what our club does extremely well.

  2. Isn't it wonderful acting as a team in helping each other succeed?

    Jean Tracy, MSS

  3. Both speakers did a great job!!

  4. Three cheers for the Public Speaking Northwest, team of champion learders. Ken, your are the best. Kate your are blossuming into a great communicator. Kyle, bravo for the wonderful pictures. Jan excellent run meeting and within the time. All the other leaders keep up the good work. Best wishes.

  5. It was a great lesson for thinking on your feet! As toastmaster, one of my speakers did not make it but Ken graciously delivered a speech he had planned to give later. Not a fan of having best laid plans fall apart but all went well. As the meeting theme was election and voting, it was a thoughtful meeting. Jan