Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Public Speaking Northwest Features New Member's First Talk

Public Speaking Northwest Encourages New Member!

Toastmaster Prema, President Barb, Jan S., Pierce, Ken, Ana, Emery, Jan Z., and Jean applauded our new member Cary.

Cary's Presentation

Cary gave his first toastmaster talk (4-6 minutes) called the ice breaker. Ice breakers are always about the new member's life because that's what all of us know best ~ ourselves.

Cary learned early on the power of smiling and being positive. He was 7 when he received his first kiss not by one girl but by two. As his life moved forward he gained a passion for girls, baseball, football, fishing, and basketball (Cary's very tall).

After challenging struggles throughout his teens, Cary's happy to be alive, meet new people, and have fun. Cary ended by sharing one of his beliefs, "When life throws you a curve ball, sometimes you can't anticipate a break," but it does come if you truly want it.

Barbara evaluated Cary's speech and gave him lots of kudos for his openness and the skills he already possesses.

Pierce's Presentation as Second Speaker

Pierce amazed us with his talk about the business he and his partner are launching entitled, Silver Loftin Media Works

Pierce shared the mission of his company and its core values which are:

  • Control (giving control to the customer)
  • Artistic (offering awesome designs and solutions for the customer)
  • Naked (being upfront and transparent with the customer)

His company is offering comprehensive services for consumers by publishing, setting up marketing, filming, providing CD's, book covers, book trailers, printing to order on Amazon and so many others. Pierce's company cators to authors, creative artists, musicians, and anyone who creates products.

He and his partner are looking for interns to teach various online skills.

Pierce ended by saying, "People have voices and we want to get their voices out there."

Ken evaluated Pierce with enthusiam because Pierce used technical equipment to show us exactly what he and his partner are doing and because Pierce has a wealth of talent we can all tap into. 

Jean, as Table Topics Master, asked everyone to look at the person next to them for 10 seconds, then close their eyes for 10 seconds. They were to remember the persons features and give them a new name.

Ana won the Table Topics ribbon because she described Ken's blue eyes, laugh lines, and named him "Santa Claus." Ken responded with a "Ho-ho-ho!"

Cary won the blue ribbon for best speaker.
Ken won the blue ribbon for best evaluator.

Invitation to Join Public Speaking Northwest

Members of Public Speaking Northwest invite all from the community who wish to increase their leading and public speaking skills.
When:   Every Tuesday from Noon to 1:00 PM
Where:  Seattle Times Building
              19200 120th Avenue NE
                Bothell, WA 98011
For more information contact:
               Emery Jordan
Respectfully submitted,
Jean Tracy, DTM


  1. Every meeting is filled with gold nuggets, friends helping friends, and growth in speaking and leading skills.

  2. These meetings are the highlight of my week, and Jean's notes are a close second!