Thursday, March 29, 2012

Area 54, International Speech & Evaluation Contest Results

On the evening of Wednesday March 21, 2012, Barb Katz and Ken Knucky performed in the Inspirational and Evaluation contest for District 2, Area 54. The event was held at the Redmond library. Barb performed her wonderfully honed speech of', " A Bad Time" or was it "Spilled Milk", which was successful in winning first place and advancement to the District level competition.


Barb's cheering family with Ken
                          Ken presented a masterful evaluation of the target speech, however, was disqualified for exceeding the time limit. We thank both of our champions for the time and energy spent reaching this competition.

Barb and Ken's speeches were cheered on by some of there fellow Toastmasters from Public Speaking Northwest- Club #9406 and the family of Barb Katz.

Submitted by Emery Jordan, VP of Public Relations.


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  1. I can not wait for the District contest to see what will happen. My hope is that Barb will continue to move forward. Best wishes.