Monday, November 14, 2016

November 8, 2016 - Theme: Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency & Productivity

Warren led us as the Toastmaster  for the day and engaged us in the methods and spirit of efficiency and productivity. It was also election day, and what better topic to choose! 

Our first speaker of the day was Julie. Her speech was entitled, "Defining Moments in Your Life," and was an incredibly moving, engaging and masterfully delivered speech on moments in her life that altered its course. Julie won the best speaker award for the day.

Anisha was our second speaker and shared her speech, "What are you waiting for? Step outside your cocoon." Using stories and relatable examples, Anisha demonstrated how we all can hold ourselves back in life and have only to step out of our comfort zones to have a very different experience. 

Wrapping up the speeches was Janet, who drew us into the world of ballroom dancing with her icebreaker speech, "Shall We Dance." She encouraged us to try it and not be intimidated because perfection isn't the focus of the best ballroom dancers. It's the joy of the movement that can enhance the experience. 

Uliana polled the group for questions to use as Table Topics, a creative approach!  The Table Topics speakers were: Nancy C, Jim (winner), Dan and Hilary (a guest).  Our GATE team was Nancy C (Grammarian), Anton (Ah Counter), Mercedes (Timer), and Robert as General Evaluator. Our evaluators were Kathy, Nancy L and Jean. Nancy L won the best evaluator award for the day.
Nidhi was our humorist and had us chuckling with word play jokes involving monks. 

The word of the day was cogent
In attendance were: Jean, Warren, Robert, Barb, Jim, Uliana, Dan, Janet, Anisha, Mercedes, Nancy L, Nidhi, Nancy C, Anton, Julie and Lynn (16). We had four guests (4).

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy LaJambe, Secretary
Public Speaking Northwest


  1. What a terrific meeting! Warren, as toastmaster, is an example of the efficiency he promotes. Our speakers motivated us to make the best of ourselves and Janet reminded us of the benefits of ballroom dancing. Uliana created the most unique table topics! Thanks for these minutes/blog, Nancy.

  2. I love the fantastic job everyone does for the growth of us all!

  3. Such a supportive group. Thanks to all of you who provided such inspiring examples as both speakers and leaders. Glad to be a part of of Public Speaking NW