Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 18, 2016 - Theme: Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Jim was the Toastmaster for the day and the topic was quite timely following a regional scare about typhoon-like weather! 
Jim was especially focused on keeping the meeting flowing and on time in order to create as much time as possible for Table Topics. No surprise from this master Toastmaster. He was successful!


Our first speaker was Randy. His speech was entitled "The Elephant in the Room," and he engaged us with an descriptive and instructional talk on "white elephant" parties. His use of props added humor and fun!




Our second speaker was Nidhi, one of our newest members, with her Ice Breaker speech, "Finding My Voice". Nidhi shared her childhood perspective and memories with us and why she was drawn to Toastmasters. Her warm and personal style drew us all in. Nidhi won best speaker!


Our third speaker was Amritha and her speech was titled, "Me, My Children and Potatoes." Amritha charmed us with her humorous speech on how she came to dislike potatoes and the day her children discovered and reveled in French fries, much to her dismay. 



Our evaluators for the day were: Tobias, Julie and Barb.

Our Table Topics theme 
was "Your Bucket List" and participants were: Warren, Nancy C., Uliana, Anton, Dan and Tobias. Nancy C. won Table Topics!

The General Evaluator for this meeting was Jean. 

In attendance were Amritha, Anton, Barb, Dan, Grace, Jean, Jim, Julie, Jung, Lynne, Nancy C., Nancy L., Nidha, Randy, Robert, Tobias, Uliana and Warren.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy LaJambe, Secretary
Public Speaking Northwest #9406

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  1. Your summary recalled last week's terrific meeting so well. I like your lively and positive writing style, Nancy. Great Blog/Minutes!