Monday, June 20, 2016

June 14th 2016 Theme – Orlando

“Orlando – A moment of silence, please”.

Welcome to the second meeting in June.

Barb was the toastmaster of the day. Her GAT(e) team comprised of : Grammarian -  Julie (benevolent), Ah-Counter – Kathy and Timer – Chizuko.

Amritha was the 1st speaker of the day. She spoke from The Successful Club Series – Evaluate to Motivate. Title of her talk “Let the Magic Begin!” which she completed within 15 mins.
Through her talk, she educated and informed the audience about the importance of evaluations and on how to prepare and present them in an effective manner. By weaving in personal stories and experiences she gained from our club, she shared the insights she gained as a guest, as a speaker and finally as an evaluator. She pointed out specifically what to do and what not to do while evaluating. The power point presentation added a touch of humor to her presentation.

Jessica was her evaluator. She commended Amritha on her use of personal story telling style which added interest to a rather dry topic. As a suggestion, she offered Amritha to possibly make it a bit more conversational.

Jessica was voted the best evaluator.

Lynne was the 2nd speaker of the day. She completed Project #4 from the Story Telling Manual. Title of her Story – “Power of Forgiveness” which she completed within 8 mins.
Through her touching narration, Lynne showed us the true power that lies in forgiveness. Forgiving our friends or anyone else who has wronged us might be relatively easy, but forgiving ourselves is often the hardest thing to do. Lynne’s story highlighted how a situation brought misunderstanding between 2 good friends and how it was resolved through forgiveness.

Lynne was voted the best speaker.

Robert was her evaluator. He gave kudos to Lynne on her delivery style, pitch, tome and the narration style – through which she delivered the emotions of her story really well.

In the creative Table Topics section led by Nancy, we had many members speak giving humor filled impromptu talks. Participants included – Grace, Barb, Robert, Chizuko and Linda.

Grace and Robert together took the best Table Topics speaker award.

There were 15 members in attendance and 1 guest (Yash).

Member attendees were: Amritha, Barb, Chizuko, Grace, Jean, Jessica, Jim, Julie, Kathy, Linda, Lynne, Nancy, Pauline, Randy and Robert.

Respectfully Submitted,
Amritha Imandi, Secretary

Public Speaking Northwest #9406.


  1. I loved Nancy's creative approach to table made us all smile :o)

  2. Well done, Amritha! It was such a good meeting. Your talk was fabulous. You gave great examples of how to evaluate a member's talk in order to boost their confidence and help them grow with good suggestions. You are an example of which you spoke.