Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 15th 2016 Theme – Perspective

A special announcement - Details of the upcoming speak-a-thon below. 

Email if you would like to play as a speaker or evaluator. We could also use a toastmaster.

       April 9th, Saturday  
          10 am -12 noon

         At our regular club meeting place
              North Creek Office Center
             19119 North Creek Parkway,
             Suite 105, Bothell, WA.


Now onto our meeting minutes…

“Laughter can bring a new perspective.” ~~ Christopher Durang

Welcome to the third meeting in March.

 Barb was the toastmaster of the day.
The GAT(e) team comprised of: Grammarian – Robert (bumf), Ah-Counter – Jung and Timer – Jim.

Lynne was the first speaker. She completed Project #2 from the Story Telling Manual – Let’s get Personal. The title of her talk was “Lost Luggage” which she completed within 8 minutes.

Lynne and her husband are going on a dive trip to Cozumel. In her attempt to have as many choices as possible for herself during the travel, she stuffs up one of the 2 suitcases with lots and lots of clothes. A second suitcase held all other accessories needed for the trip.

Upon arriving at Cozumel airport, they walk towards the baggage claim area which is filled with tourists. After many minutes of waiting, it is clear that they lost the suitcase filled with clothes. They file a report with the airport authorities who promise that the lost luggage will be delivered to their hotel by evening. Having lost all her choices, Lynne is panicked with no peace of mind.

Shortly, they check into the hotel. After lunch, her mind worries what to wear for dinner. As she comes to accept the reality of her lost luggage, she experiences a sense of freedom – the freedom of having no choices. Just when she gets used to this new found freedom, the phone rings. It is the airport authorities informing that they found their luggage which they promise to delivered within an hour. A part of Lynne is happy whereas a part of her is disappointed for having lost the freedom of no choices!!!

Anisha was her evaluator. She gave kudos to Lynne’s narrative of her lost baggage. The story while delivering a key message, was filled with vivid descriptions and dialogues. Her body language also was appropriate. As a suggestion, Anisha offered Lynne to use more pauses and possibly display the emotions in a more pronounced manner.

Jean was the second speaker of the day. She completedProject #7 from the CC Manual – Research Your Topic which she completed within 10 mins. The title of her talk “How to Grow with the DCP.”

When Jean first joined Toastmasters, she was unaware of the bigger picture and felt like a blind mole moving from project to project. Through her talk, she sheds light on the path that each Toastmasters club takes each year in order to become a President’s Distinguished Club. She shares with us using a power point presentation where our club stands in this journey this year.

She explained to us in detail the criteria based on which points are allotted. The personal growth of club members which is tracked through the number of Communication and Leadership awards received, new members joining the club, club officers being trained, membership dues renewed on time – all these factors contribute to club points. It is clear from her talk that our club is doing exceptionally well and we are right on track to attain the highest Award that any Toastmaster’s club can attain – the President’s Distinguished. A huge thanks to all our club members who have made this possible!!!

Warren was her evaluator. He appreciated Jean’s educational talk which she spiced up with tremendous animation and audience involvement. She successfully delivered her well researched talk providing information to members. As a suggestion, he offered Jean to clarify the initials (such as ACB, ACG, ALB, ALS etc.) in a better manner.

Warren was voted the best evaluator.

Our third speaker was Amritha. She completed Project #1 from Story Telling Manual – The Folk Tale. She narrated a Native American Folk Tale “The Rainbow Crow” within 9 mins.

Amritha starts off by describing how perfect the world was thousands of years before man arrived on earth.  With dense forests, clean air and water, life thrives on the planet graced by the Spirit of Sun and the Spirit of Rain. Everything is perfect until one day when it starts snowing for the first time. Initially, the animals are super excited. But their joy is short-lived as they find it difficult to keep themselves warm. They decide one of them has to visit the Great Sky Spirit and ask him to stop the snow.

The Rainbow Crow – a small, colorful bird with sweet voice volunteers. It overcomes all difficulties and travels to the Great Sky Spirit’s home. Though the Sky Spirit is unable to stop the snow and cold, he gives rainbow crow the Gift of Fire. With strong determination, the rainbow crow travels back to his freezing animal friends and delivers the Gift of Fire. But on his journey back, his feathers catch fire turning black as tar. He loses his singing voice from the smoke that enters his throat.

While all animals celebrate the arrival of the Spirit of Fire on earth, rainbow crow is sad. The Great Sky Spirit appears and gives crow the gift of freedom forever for his service to other animals.

Amritha was voted the best speaker.

Dave her evaluator. He appreciated Amritha's descriptive narrative filled with vivid imagery, dialogues, and body gestures filled with various emotions. As a suggestion, he offered Amritha to pause in between the transitionary scenes.

Kathy was our general evaluator. She appreciated Barb for the well-organized meeting thanking Robert and Jim for stepping in at the last minute to fill roles. She acknowledged our President Julie’s energy and enthusiasm which gives a superior start to our meetings.

We had 15 members and 2 guests (Pratap B. and James Collins). Pratap announced his intention to join our club.

Member attendees were: Amritha, Anisha, Barb, Chizuko, Dave, Grace, Jean, Jim, Jing, Julie, Jung, Kathy, Lynne, Robert and Warren.

Respectfully Submitted,
Amritha Imandi, Secretary
Public Speaking Northwest #9406.


  1. Amritha helped us remember the wonderful speeches from last Tuesday. The techniques each speaker learned in toastmasters served them well. Amritha captured the spirit of the meeting perfectly.

  2. Another fun meeting. A wonderful thing about our club is that so many members stay to visit one is anxious to leave this great group!!