Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dec. 2nd Theme: Interesting Animals

Alice was our toastmaster today and she chose "Interesting Animals" as the theme. Throughout the meeting, Alice shared interesting facts about many lovely animals. For instance, the skin of the flamingo is pink due to its diet of shrimp. And the gobble sound made by male turkeys is to attract female mates. 

Pauline was our first speaker today. She completed her second project from the Competent Communication Manual. Her topic was "Volksmarching for Fun, Friends, and Fitness". Volksmarching is a non-competitive walking event that developed in Europe. In her speech, Pauline dressed up in her volksmarching outfit and demonstrated different types of volksmarching. Along with telling the history of Volksmarching in Europe and U.S., Pauline shared her experiences volksmarching in Finland, Russia, and Hawaii. She encouraged us to explore this interesting sport.

Barb was the second speaker. She gave a talk titled "Swimming is Much More Fun When You Start in the Shallow End of the Pool". Barb talked about her journey toward getting her Advanced Leader Si.ver Award at our toastmasters club. She also told us the three important lessons she learned from hosting the Area's Humorous and Table Topics contest in September. It was through this event Barb earned her High Performance Leadership Award.

We were very happy to have Emery visit our club again. As a long time member and having served as our club president, Emery was very glad to see the growth of the club and would like to donate to our club for the District’s Presidents’ Breakfast. We appreciate his contribution and help in the club!

In January, we’ll have a new slate of club officers. May our brand new year as toastmasters be even more successful than this year!

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  1. Besides learning to lead and speak with confidence, we learn so much from our speakers. Pauline's Volksmarching, Alice's facts about interesting animals, and Barb's advancement in toastmaster's are examples. Love this club!