Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nov. 4th Theme: Election Day

Jim, our toastmaster today, picked the theme "Election Day". Jim shared some interesting facts about elections in the United States and other Countries.

Lynne, our first speaker, finished her 6th talk from the Competent Communication Manual. Her title was “From Pianissimo to Fortissimo, Living Out Loud.” Lynne talked about postponing her speech projects at our toastmasters club. Her “passive procrastination” had delayed her from achieving her goals. In finding a cure for this issue, she was inspired by two opposite modes in music, pianissimo and fortissimo. Lynne described her “pianissimo” style as passive, procrastination, and paralyzed. In music pianissimo is a soft mode. “Fortissimo” means strong and loud. Lynne is choosing to live “fortissimo” and “out loud” by being fruitful, forthright and free in reaching her speaking goals.

Kathy, our second speaker, completed her 4th project from the Competent Communication Manual. Her humorous topic was the “Hot Yoga Experience.” We laughed throughout as Kathy shared exaggerated stories about what she’s learned in 150 degree temperatures.

Linda, our third speaker, accomplished her final project from the Competent Communication Manual, Inspire the Audience. Linda talked about her eight years of learning classical Chinese dancing, watching a MIT physics lecture video, and joining our toastmaster club. She shared how her teachers and mentors, who showed they cared, inspired and challenged her to succeed. Although she struggled in the very beginning, she eventually gained confidence in learning their subjects. She inspired us to not only appreciate the teachers who offer encouraging help, but to pass on this spirit of helpful caring to friends, family, and mentees.

We had one guest, Annath. He enjoyed our meeting very much and said he’d come back. We welcome his second visit!


  1. We learned and laughed a lot at this weeks meeting. Thank you, Linda for the great recap.

  2. Lynne delivered an outstanding talk with personal experiences which certainly inspired me.

  3. All the presentations showed great progress in their speaking abilities.

    Who took that excellent picture of Lynne? She did a super job demonstrating what we learn in toastmasters about gestures.

    Kathy showed us her terrific humorously speaking skills. It felt good to laugh so hard.

    Linda's sincere graciousness in appreciating her teachers and her encouragement to mentor our members with the same caring her best teachers gave her, inspired me.

  4. What a great meeting it was! And CONGRATULATIONS to Linda for completing her 10th speech and her Competent Communicator manual.