Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014 Theme: Bite of China

Yanhong was our Toastmaster again this week.  She chose Bite of China as the theme. Bite of China is a TV documentary series.  It is in its second season and very popular in China. It covers the history, culture and story of food in China. It is a very beautiful documentary and can be viewed in the US via You Tube.

Kate was our first speaker.  Her presentation was from the Successful Club Series. The title of her speech was Meeting Roles and Responsibilities. Kate gave out a handout and explained the meeting roles and their importance.  She also explained how to sign up for meeting roles.

Barb was our second speaker.  Her presentation was also from the Successful Club Series.  The title of her talk was Creating the Best Club Climate. Research has shown that successful clubs have a positive learning environment and strong member interaction.  To create a positive learning experience it is important to arrive prepared, sign up for roles and support other members. To encourage ember interaction be a mentor, show interest in others, be considerate, evaluate effectively, recognize achievements, and foster comeradity.
Today Linda brought a guest. Yensone joined us for the first time. Welcome Yensone.  We hope you will join us again.  Guests are always welcome.


  1. I particularly enjoyed the insights shared by our guest and by our new member Roy.

  2. thank you for posting

  3. Barb's and Kate's speeches had a lot of good information and got us thinking.