Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013 Theme: Exercise

Elaine was our Toastmaster today.  Exercise is near and dear to heart, because professionally she puts on body building workshops.  Throughout the meeting she shared the benefits of exercise, the least of which is losing weight. Besides being Toastmaster, Elaine received 3 awards today.  She earned her Nickel award for completing her 5th speech last week. She received the Meetup Star award for consistently using Meetup to post about our club.

 Pierce was our first speaker today.  He gave his own introduction which focused on how he went from despair to renewed hope and faith. The body of his talk explained his conviction that he believes everyone can achieve greatness through service.  He had a very powerful conclusion in which stated: "Surrender yourself to service and greatness will surrender to you."

Karen was our second speaker today. She completed project 1 from the Specialty Speeches Manual which was an Impromptu Speech-Chosen by You.  Karen gave us a very inspirational talk about committing to walking 60 miles a month. This was no easy task, but she literally did it one step at a time.  Today was her one year anniversary of walking 60 miles a month. The benefits Karen gained from walking included: improved health, increased personal confidence and many new friends.

Today's meeting was special because we had several guests.  Members from Karen's walking group came to show support. Two guests accepted an invitation from our member Pat and one guest found us via our Meetup post. Guests are always welcome, so weather you are personally invited or just come across this blog, don't hesitate to join us.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/20/2013 Public Speaking Northwest Toastmasters Club 9406



Todays' theme was Beginninings and Endings.  Toastmaser Barb spoke about the importance of beginnings and endings throughout life. Beginnings and endings represent change which is a natural occurence in life. Being able to embrace beginnings and endings enables us to gain the most from the changes.  Barb spoke from her Toastmasters experience where she has seen average presentations become winning presentations because of their strong beginning and strong ending. On the flip side,she has witnessed great talks not do as well because of their weak beginning and ending.

Our first speaker today was Robert.  He completed speech #3 from the Competent Communication Manual. The title of his talk was KenKen Puzzles.  Robert used his professional expertise as a math professor to teach us to do KenKen puzzles.  Robert  made the presentation very clear to everyone by demonstrating using a white board and giving everyone hand outs so we could easily  follow along.  The speech was special because he used his own gifts to enrich all of us.

Elaine earned her "Nickel Award" by giving her 5th speech titled Taking Action on a Serious Commitment.  Elaine spoke about how her profession as a fitness trainer did not represent a strong presence as a public speaker.  Elaine used humor as she described giving up gym clothes and foregoing her ponytail in favor of a new haircut to fully commit to giving her best in Toastmasters.  As with many changes Elaine dealt with her fears and then reaped the benefits of making a serious commitment.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Public Speaking Northwest "Trivia" 8/13/2013

Today's meeting theme was "trivia".  Toastmaster Elaine shared a variety of random  and amusing trivia with the group.

Sravanthi gave her Icebreaker: her first  talk in the Competent Communication Manual.  Her speech title was: The Story of an Alien. She talked about  transitioning from academic world to career world; from living in India to living to living in the United States. She did a great job and earned The Best Speaker ribbon for today's meeting.

Randall Davey was our second speaker. He was a guest who accepted member Pat's invitation to join the meeting today.  Randall gave a very passionate speech titled Qualified Retirement Plans. Randall spoke about why his career choice meant so much to him.

Our meeting also included Table Topics and a humorist tale presented by Jerry.
As always, the meeting started promptly at noon and ended promptly at 1:00 PM.
For more information contact: Kate Grosvenor PEKAJAJU@msn.com or (425) 814-2981.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Public Speaking Northwest Presents Humorous Talks

Kate gave her 5th talk and made us laugh with the ways she and her 5 siblings communicate. She also received a certificate call the Nickel Award for giving her 5th presentation.

Jerry gave his 6th talk about a fun and difficult vacation with his buddies. He showed how to use humor when dealing with challenging people.

Matt received a certificate of achievement for giving his first talk called the Ice Breaker.

News You Can Use 

September 3, 2013 Public Speaking Northwest will have its Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests. All are welcome.

We meet every Tuesday noon to 1:00 PM 
Seattle Times Building
19200 120th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

For more information contact:

Kate ~ 425-814-2981