Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/20/2013 Public Speaking Northwest Toastmasters Club 9406



Todays' theme was Beginninings and Endings.  Toastmaser Barb spoke about the importance of beginnings and endings throughout life. Beginnings and endings represent change which is a natural occurence in life. Being able to embrace beginnings and endings enables us to gain the most from the changes.  Barb spoke from her Toastmasters experience where she has seen average presentations become winning presentations because of their strong beginning and strong ending. On the flip side,she has witnessed great talks not do as well because of their weak beginning and ending.

Our first speaker today was Robert.  He completed speech #3 from the Competent Communication Manual. The title of his talk was KenKen Puzzles.  Robert used his professional expertise as a math professor to teach us to do KenKen puzzles.  Robert  made the presentation very clear to everyone by demonstrating using a white board and giving everyone hand outs so we could easily  follow along.  The speech was special because he used his own gifts to enrich all of us.

Elaine earned her "Nickel Award" by giving her 5th speech titled Taking Action on a Serious Commitment.  Elaine spoke about how her profession as a fitness trainer did not represent a strong presence as a public speaker.  Elaine used humor as she described giving up gym clothes and foregoing her ponytail in favor of a new haircut to fully commit to giving her best in Toastmasters.  As with many changes Elaine dealt with her fears and then reaped the benefits of making a serious commitment.


  1. Robert stretched my brain and Elaine stretched my funny bone. Both gave fun talks.

    Pierce gave a strong evaluation that boosted Robert with praise along with one or two suggestions.

    Karen spoke about Elaine's charisma, her presence, her gestures, and voice.

    Kate, our last year's Table Topic Champion, used humor and won the ribbon for her 2 minute presentation.

    What a fun meeting!

  2. Sravanthi VenigallaAugust 20, 2013 at 10:20 PM

    Fun meeting with the opportunity to learn a new kind of puzzle!

  3. Table Topics was fun. We were asked to talk for 1-2 minutes about one of our personal assets. Kate said that her asset was losing things! I enjoyed the evaluations too. One of the our evaluators, Pierce, used the phrase "intellectual juggernaut." MMMMMM. I like the taste of that.