Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Public Speakers Northwest September 3, 2013 Theme: Contest Party!

Today instead of our usual structured meeting we had contests for Best Humorous Speech and Best Table Topics.  It was a fantastic event!  Jean Tracy, our club founder and current president ran the program.

We have a very talented club so we decided to celebrate along with having the contests.  Barb did a wonderful job with decorations.  She even made sure everyone had a little trophy.  There was tasty food including pasta, sandwiches and yummy cookies.  What made the party extra special were our guests and returning members. Maria, Ash and Maureen were guests today.  After being away for awhile, members Juliette and Lynne returned.

Jerry and Robert were set to compete in the Humorous Contest, however at the last minute Jerry was called away on business.  Robert though was the true winner with his hilarious stories of raising and connecting with his 2 daughters. Robert truly was a laugh a minute with seven funny points in a seven minute talk!

Pierce, Barb and Kate participated in the Table Topics Contest.  Each responded to the question:
If you had to attend a costume party tonight who would you dress up as and why?
Kate said she would dress up as the Good Witch from the East because when she did this 21 years ago she met her husband. Pierce said he would dress up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean,  However Pierce mentioned if he could get out of going to a costume party, he would do so at almost all cost. Barb said she would dress up as Queen Elisabeth the 1st, her favorite historical figure.  Barb admires Queen Elisabeth for her power and her love of those she ruled.  Barb became royalty herself as she won the Table Topics contest.

Both Barb and Robert will represent our club in the Area Contest September 24th 5:30 PM in our location, The Seattle Times Building  19200 120th Ave. NE. Bothell WA 98011.  Join us and cheer on our winners.


  1. You did it again, Kate. You expertly recapped a fun meeting.

    Many appreciated the "round robin" feedback and suggestions for Robert's humorous speech. We're all happy for him as he moves up to the next contest level.

    I marveled at Barb, our table topics champion, who took charge of the audience and wowed them the moment she opened her mouth. She'll move up to the next level too.

    Our club and its members are such a pleasure to be a part of.

  2. It is great to be back at Toastmasters...the contest and party this week were alot of fun.

    Congratulations to Barb and Robert on moving on to represent our club at the next level.

    And Kate, I agree with Jean, you do an excellent job of recapping our meetings.

  3. You do such a great job Kate!
    Barb: not only are you a fantastic evaluator and topics master but now you've added to your list: master decorator!
    I especially loved the round robin! I wish we could do that every week! I learned so much!

  4. Thanks for the notes, Kate! And thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Elaine, you always make me feel so good. I love your enthusiasm.