Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Public Speaking Northwest Honors the Words of Abraham Lincoln

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“Extemporaneous speaking should be practiced and cultivated.” – Abraham Lincoln

Toastmaster’s Path to Speaking Success

At Public Speaking Northwest, each member develops and rehearses their presentation. Then they give their talks to their fellow toastmasters. The participants support each presenter with effective evaluations. This is our path to success.

The Toastmaster Meeting
Ken, our education vice-president, opened the meeting because our president, Barb, was ill. Toastmasters Lynne, Barbara, Yanhong, John, Ken, Kyle, Casey, Mihaela, Tracy, Pierce, Abe, Kathy, Kate, and Jean were present.

Lynne and Yanhong
Lynne, our toastmaster, conducted the meeting and spoke about the meaning of “Family,” which was her theme. She described how our toastmaster club is a special kind of family.

Casey informed the group, as the Ah Counter, that he’d be checking the group for ‘ahs, ums, unnecessary pauses, and other distractions when they spoke. Each slip-of-the- tongue would cost the member a nickel. In this way, we clean up our speech.
Kyle, Timer and Casey "Ah Counter"

Kyle manned the timing lights to help speakers keep within their time limits.

Tracy chose the word of the day, ‘Dynasty.’ The members had to use it when they spoke or pay a quarter.

Speakers and Evaluators

Yanhong, our first speaker, entitled her talk, “Dumplings.” Her power point presentation included beautiful pictures of Chinese dumplings designed and arranged with delicious beauty. Since it was the noon hour, our taste buds were highly tempted.

Jean evaluated Yanhong’s presentation with praise and a few suggestions. One of which was, “Please, bring on the dumplings!”

Kathy, a seasoned toastmaster, gave her first speech in our club entitled, “Escape from Sudan.” She used the story of a family escaping from terrorists in Sudan to Ethiopia. After many years of internment in camps the family was separated. The son was sponsored by a Church and came to the US. After 17 years his family was united by phone. This story became the movie, “The Lost Boys.”


Pierce evaluated Kathy’s talk with praise for her awesome storytelling skills. He gave her some suggestions and then complimented her for her beautiful heart and inner goodness which was reflected in her presentation.

Mihaela, our third speaker, entitled her talk, “Living the Magic of Christmas.” She spoke of living the joy of Christmas and how the songs, decorations, and gifts melt our hearts as the sun melts the snow. She shared two songs from her native Rumania.

Ken evaluated Mihaela’s presentation with compliments for sharing the gift of her culture and her professional dress. He noted how her songs matched our songs in the US.

Our Blue Ribbons Winners:

Best Speaker – Yanhong
Best Evaluator – Jean

News You Can Use:

1. Our Open House White Elephant Gift Exchange will be on January 15th. Members are asked to bring a wrapped gift worth $5 or less. Each member will explain, in table topic format, why the gift they chose is just what they wanted. Jerry will create a team for decorating the room and bringing tasty snacks.

2. The officers for the New Year are requested to attend a fun day of learning and training at the Carl Gipson Senior Center on January 5th in Everett. All members are invited. For more information, contact Barb or Jean.

Our Photographer for the Day! 
Thank you, John
Here Are Our Dumpling Photos of the Day!

Rabbit Dumplings

Pot Stickers
Dumpling Animal Shapes
New Years - Good Luck Dumplings for the Family

 If you'd like to join us for polishing your presentations, developing leadership skills, and making friends, we welcome you.
We meet every Tuesday from noon to 1:00 PM. You'll find us at the Seattle Times Building in Bothell, Washington ~ 19200 120th Avenue NE. Feel free to bring your lunch.
To find out more contact: Jean Tracy,, 425.745.0022.

Respectfully submitted,

Secretary, Jean


  1. Yanhong's presentation made us hungry.

    We had 3 interesting speakers!

  2. Jenny and I enjoyed reading the blogs together, thank you for your great input, Jean!

  3. Thanks to everyone who was a great meeting!!

  4. I was sorry to miss the meeting and my "toastmaster family." The dumplings look too good to eat! Thanks for the wonderful blog, Jean.

  5. Kudos to all of the Public Speaking Northwest Toastmasters. Your blog continue to amaze me in the presentation of your meetings. Thank you Jean for your creativity and excellence.

  6. I think we should make a law that no one can talk about food unless they bring some for us to sample...all those in favor, type "Aye".

  7. I already commented on this one but it's gone (2nd time that's happened). I said something about there being a danger in reading about the meetings I miss. It makes me extremely sorry to have missed such splendid speeches. Might be better not to know. Anyway, it was pretty good . . . wish you'd had a chance to read it. Still think those dumpling pix are suitable for framing.