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Public Speaking Northwest 8/28/2012

Finally, last weeks meeting review is here. Jean Tracy is away and the writer-Emery is amazed at the work involved to produce great minutes of our meetings and for them to be timely.We are in the "dog days of summer" and many of our members are enjoying the summer elsewhere and I celebrate you. Mind you that I am writing from memory because I had a speaking role and frankly was out of focus to be alert and take notes. So it here goes.

Generally, we had a great meeting with some excitement and some unexpected events. First, we operated without a written agenda. Usually, this is a real shot in the foot and cause to grind ones teeth, however, in true Toastmaster form Ken Knuckey stepped forward and carried the ball across the goal line--Thanks Ken. You see the "Google Doc" document is kind of an agenda listing all of the roles, but not in the correct order
 Cindy Bohnett as Invocator and Grammarian provided a quote from her daily calendar and subsequently gave the word "Reprimand" found in the quote (meaning to give a sever rebuke of ones actions). Great thinking on your feet Cindy. The club treasury was added to on this interesting but tough word to work into ones speaking.

Barbara Bengtssom, did the Timing role for the first time and what a job she performed. Faced with the issue of a speaker going overtime Barbara learned you just stop the timer when the speaker is done. It is a respectful matter to attempt to stay within the established time frame for the sake of the meeting schedule.

The speaking segment featured Emery Jordan performing his Project #2, from the Advance Speaking Series-"Let's make it Personal", from the Story Telling manual. Emery's speech was titled "The Fishing Story". His story is based on a real life account of his relationship with two Uncles, Luke and Jesse. Emery developed his characters, plot with an added emotional conflict with Uncle Luke and redemption resolution. He ended the fishing story with a flury of exciting moments on a memorable fishing event with his two uncles. Many members thanked Emery for this personal reveal of his life and family. Emery showed digital pictures of Uncles Luke and Jesse and a map of the Buffalo, N.Y. area and Canadian border where he lived and went fishing.

 Jamie Bohnett evaluated Emery's speech which he felt was well done and surely achieved the objectives of making it personal. Jamie liked Emery's relaxed style and his vocal variety in delivering colorful and detailed dialog. Jamie suggested that Emery's storytelling of the "Fishing Story" may have been better stated at the beginning of the speech and restated at the end for completeness and continuity. Overall this was one of Emery's better executed speeches. Thanks.

Pierce Loftin presented his first speech from the Advance Speaking Series-"Presenting a Technical Speech"-entitled "How to build a website using WordPress software." Pierce is noted for giving will executed and  constructed speeches and this one was no exception. I can not begin to tell the complexity of the subject matter. However, Pierce made the material meaningful and well thought out. Pierce used his computer and the whiteboard to demonstration the various steps in the process of website development. Realizing he would go over his time frame, Pierce completed the speech with many references to the audience for future adventures in website development using WordPress.

Barb Katz evaluated pierce's speech with many adjectives. She liked his construction, execution, and much preparation to deploy such a complex subject. Barb said, I learned a lot about a subject that is mostly difficult for the average person.

Due to the overtime of Pierce's speech there was no presentation of Best Speech  and Jamie was awarded the Best Evaluator.

The meeting was concluded with the following announcements:

1. There will be an Executive Meeting on Monday at 11:00AM, based on agenda emailed to officers. All member are invited to attend. This meeting is the leadership of our club in action, also great for future officers.
2. Our Club Humorous and Table Topics Contest is scheduled for September 11, Tuesday 12:00 NOON.
invite a guess and bring a friend. This is also an Open House when we will have a some food to celebrate and attract new members.

4. Emery Jordan presented our Club with a new ribbon for our banner for the "Home Club of Area 32 Governor". Emery was appointed Area 32 Governor for the current fiscal year, 7/1/2012 to 6/30/2013.

5. Many thanks to Jim and Jean Tracy for hosting again this years Summer social picnic. Fun was had by all.

We meet every Tuesday from noon to 1:00 PM. You'll find us at the Seattle Times Building in Bothell, Washington ~ 19200 120th Avenue NE. Feel free to bring your lunch.

To find out more contact: Emery Jordan at: (206) 235-1356

Respectfully submitted,

Emery Jordan

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