Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Leadership Quote: “A good orator is pointed and impassioned.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
President Barb turned the meeting over to our pointed and impassioned toastmaster, Pierce. His theme was PEACE. Pierce’s cast of characters included, Cary, Prema, Emery, Jan, Lynne, Barbara, Ken, and Jean.
With Pierce as head toastmaster, we knew he would promote kindness, peace, and generosity through his theme, stories, and quotes. He ran a focused meeting with attention to members, time, and detail.
Our first speaker, Ken, gave a dynamic presentation from the Successful Club Series ~ Finding New Members. His title “But…I Am Not a Salesperson,” exemplified enthusiasm, humor, and getting the audience involved with questions to answer. One question was, “Did you come here with a dream.” We all answered, “Yes!” Many wanted to become better speakers. Several wanted to get over the jitters and feel confident. Still others wanted the practice and support they needed to share their message.
Ken quoted the founder of Toastmasters, Ralph Smedley, who began developing our program in the basement of a YMCA during the 1920’s: “Let us share the benefits we have gained for ourselves with others.”
Ken encouraged us to share our benefits with potential members from our family, friends, and neighbors. Then we brainstormed even more ways to share our toastmaster benefits.
Emery evaluated Ken’s fine speech with high praise for Ken’s ability to “Sell.”
Our second speaker, Barb, gave an impressive speech starting from the present, going back in history to 1215, and coming back to the present. Her title ~ “Magna Carta” began with the question, “Do you remember how you felt after 9-11?” Then she made reference to historic dates like the first man standing on the moon, the first African American President, and the Emancipation Proclamation.
Barb took us in her Time Machine back to the time of Robin Hood and King James. Everyone hated his taxes which paid for his lavish lifestyle and "stupid" wars. Barb took us into the mindset of the serfs. Everyone was overtaxed and finally the Barons challenged the King. They took away his divine rights and had him sign a peace treaty, the Magna Carta. It became the first bill of rights. Government was to serve the people not the other way around.
Barb brought us forward 500+ years to our own Declaration of Independence which requires the consent of the governed.
Barb gave this amazing presentation in 9 minutes. She is an inspiring toastmaster and gifted speaker.
Jean evaluated Barb’s grand speech with praise and awe.
Jan our Table Topics Master ask Cary and Emery to talk off the cuff about our new toll bridge, and our sleeping giant, Totem Lake.

Prema, our General Evaluator, encouraged us with her creative evaluation of the meeting from top to bottom.
The Blue Ribbons and Trophies Went To:
Best Speaker ~ Barb
Best Evaluator ~ Jean
Best Table Topics ~ Tie between Cary and Emery.

We ended the meeting with several humorous puns from Lynne. For example, ‘What does BERNADETTE mean? Answer ~ the act of torching a mortgage. You should have been there to hear the rest.

We hope to see you next Tuesday!

Visitors are welcome. Bring your lunch!

Where: The Seattle Times Building
19200 120th Avenue NW
Bothell, WA 98011

When: Every Tuesday from Noon to 1 PM

Contact: Emery Jordan 206-235-1356 or  

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Tracy, DTM


  1. This meeting was so much fun, and I was blown away by the enthusiasm for my speech. Thanks, everyone!

  2. Thanks for the great notes, Jean.

  3. Congrats Pierce! Job well done as Toastmaster. We had a full agenda and could have easily run over time. But, you kept us on schedule and we finished on schedule. Great Job!

  4. Jean you are masterful with the notes. You should be an author...oh wait, you are! Well done Jean. Thank you.

  5. " Who is Bernadette?

  6. Just a piece of verbal art ,every time I come to toastmasters my ears are glued to the speakers, listening to whats coming around the corner next!

  7. Alas, I spoke well at the contest, but I went over time -- by two seconds! So frustrating!

  8. It was a Toastmaster weekend for me. I judged two contests on Saturday, then spent Sunday on various stuff.