Monday, December 5, 2016

November 29, 2016 - Theme: Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Distinguished Club Program (DCP)

Our Meeting Minutes/Blog for November 29, 2016

Jean was our Toastmaster for the day.

Nancy C. presented her speech, "The Difference Between an 
Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest."

Jim did an interpretive reading, "My Face".

Warren presented his speech, "Are We in a Cloud?"

Nidhi was our Topics Master and created questions and scenarios around "Thanksgiving". Uliana participates above.

Word of the day - Sagacious
Evaluators: Barb, Amritha, Julie
Best Speaker - Nancy C.
Best Evaluator - Barb
Table Topics Speakers - Anisha & Uliana
Gate Team - Nidhi, Hilary, Janet & Randy


Amritha, Anisha, Anton, Barb, Becky, Janet, Jean, Jim, Julie, Hilary, Lynne, Nancy C., Nancy L., Nidhi, Randy, Robert, Uliana, Warren. (18) Guest: Tim (1)

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy LaJambe, Secretary
Public Speaking Northwest